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to Brighter Living Massage Therapy!

I'm Kathie Bright, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. I'm delighted you have stopped by. Please look around and do contact me if you have any questions.

Brighter Living Massage Therapy was established in 1995. My job is to meet your needs and wants the best way I can to help you heal. Some possibilities include stress reduction, pain relief, freer movement, freedom from chronic ailments and maintaining your results.

Before we begin your session, we will sit down and talk about what your goals are and how they can best be reached. For some it will be through deeper work, for others it will be through gentler massage or it may be through working more directly on the electromagnetic energy field. It may be a combination of these. We will work together to help you receive what you need in the best way possible. The rest is up to you!

I accept Visa/Mastercard, cash and checks.

The great thing about a gift of Massage Therapy is one size fits all - no traffic, no malls! Gift Certificates are available for all occasions.

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Enjoy your visit!